5th December 2015 Event at The Exchange Gallery

Talk by Phil Griffiths, Head Gardener, Trengwainton
Talk by Phil Griffiths, Head Gardener, Trengwainton

We celebrated the UN's World Soil Day on Saturday 5th December by having a sharing event at The Exchange Gallery, Penzance. 

The day was filled with talks from our project partners, poems inspired by research at Trengwainton by writer Pauline Sheppard, archive materials on display and work produced by Newlyn School, Mounts Bay Academy and other creative workshops.

Photographs taken by Jodi Rogers.

"Interesting, inspiring, informative day!"
Audience member
Chloe Philips, Cornwall Records Office
Archive displays
Phil Griffiths, Trengwainton Head gardener
Jacky Nowakowski, Cornwall Archaeology Unit
Powerpoint presentation - Keith Spurgin
Ros Smith, Duchy College
Talk on Trengwainton
Looking at micro propagated samples 2
Pauline Sheppard, Writer and project volunteer researcher
Looking at micro propagated samples
Keith Spurgin, Botanist
Keith Spurgin, Botanist 2

The Exchange Gallery used to be the telephone exchange for the area.  It was built on the site of the old butter market which was visited by Prince Albert just after its completion on 5 September 1846 and after whom Prince’s Street is named.

Before that, the area was the garden to Rose Price’s house which stood in the gap between the clothes shop and arcade in Chapel Street.  The house was torn down in 1834 by the son of Sir Rose Price.  Sir Rose Price also owned Trengwainton from 1814 - 1834.

The Temperance Hotel and Freemasons’ Hall opposite were built by Sir Charles Price in 1843 when he gave a grand dinner for all the 75 workmen involved in its construction.  It housed assembly and billiard rooms; later it became the School of Art.  (Research by Pauline Hope, project volunteer researcher).

I never knew how far Trengwainton went back into history
Mounts Bay Academy student
Mounts Bay Academy work
Mounts Bay Trengwainton tree of history
Mounts Bay Academy work 2
Newlyn School and project workshops displays

Four students from Mounts Bay Academy Arts Award worked with us during Autumn 2015 building up to the Sharing Day at The Exchange Gallery.  The students displayed their creative and photographic work inspired by Trengwainton's history and archive photos.

Newlyn School also displayed some of their creative outputs including mini allotments inspired by the 'Dig for Victory' WW2 campaign.  Find out more on the Newlyn School workshops at Trengwainton here.