The Bothy

The Bothy, Trengwainton
The Bothy, Trengwainton


The Bothy at Trengwainton started life as a barn.  It is positioned at the back entrance to the garden in an area not open to the public. The Bothy, along with other outbuildings, forms the heart of the Trengwainton garden team's operation.

Sometime before the 1800's the Bothy turned into a journeyman's cottage, a space for someone who travelled around different estates to learn their trade.

In the late 1800's it became a Bothy, a term for a shelter.

The Head Gardener's office was, and still is, found downstairs while the upstairs was used as a fruit store for apples, pears and produce from the garden.  In 2002 the property office was created upstairs.

You will find Bothies in many National Trust gardens used by the gardeners as a 'crib hut' and as a space to shelter from the weather.


Prize horticulture certificates on the ceiling of the Bothy
Found bottles on the table in the Bothy
Alfred the cat on the Head Gardener's chair