Duchy College visit

Trengwainton, like other estate gardens, is exposed to fungal disease such as the Phythophtora ramorum (formerly known as sudden oak death) which can wipe out important heritage collections.  Some of Trengwainton's plants are approximately 100 years old and were brought back from the Himalayas, Burma and Assam by explorer Frank Kingdon-Ward (1885 - 1958). 

Trengwainton is well known for its exotic plants such as Rhododendrons, Magnolias, Camelias and Tree Ferns.  The rare Rhododendron macabeanum first flowered in the UK at Trengwainton in Februrary 1938.

Ros Smith, a microprogator manager at Duchy College, works with Trengwainton as well as other heritage gardens across Cornwall to ensure that their plant collections continue for generations to come.  Here are some photos from our visit to Duchy College.

Micro propagating specimen.
Specimens in the fridge. Photo © Barbara Santi
 Photo © Barbara Santi
Plant specimen. Photo © Barbara Santi