Research for illustration

Dom under the trees, Trengwainton Drive
Dom under the trees, Trengwainton drive

Dominica Williamson researched into three plants positioned near each other along Trengwainton drive: Rhododendron ‘polar bear', Magnolia ‘campbellii' and Rhododendron ‘christmas cheer’.  This research will form Dom's illustrations used within the book.

Here is some information about the plants...

At Trengwainton Magnolia ‘campbellii' is usually the first of the collection to come out mid to late february but this year (2016) it started flowering in January.

Rhododendron ‘christmas cheer’ flowers from November to February but sometimes in March.

Rhododendron ‘polar bear’ is one of the later flowering varieties in July / August.  It is lightly scented and has a white flower.

Magnolia ‘campbellii' comes from the Himalayas and Rhododendron's are mainly found in Asia.  At Trengwainton some of these specimens were established as a direct result of the expeditions of the Victorian plant hunter Frank Kingdon Ward.

These three plants were probably purchased or were gifts to the Bolitho’s rather than being raised here. They seem to be in their own little micro-climate!
Phil Griffiths, Head Gardener Trengwainton
Rhododendron ‘christmas cheer’. Photo © Dominica Williamson
Rhododendron ‘polar bear’. Photo © Barbara Santi
Magnolia ‘campbellii'. Photo © Barbara Santi
Sketches of Rhododendron ‘christmas cheer’. Image © Dominica Williamson